10 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 15k in India 2017

Best refrigerator in India 2017 under Rs 15000 

Refrigerators are  must  product in every house. One cannot imagine life without a refrigerator in a country like India. Enjoying delicacies like ice-cream and soft-drinks, and cool cakes are made possible,  because of this wonderful invention only. It is the reason why refrigerators are necessary in every household, whether of a rich or poor person.

Are you in search for the best Refrigerator for your home under Rs. 15000/-. There is lot of things have to be consider before buying a refrigerator. Here are the top 10 Best Refrigerators  Models available in India under Rs 15000 in this month.

 Best Fridge under Rs 15000 in India 2017

  • Whirlpool 205 GENIUS CLS PLUS 4S:

The actual capacity of this refrigerator is 190 liters. It is a single door refrigerator. Its weight is 35 kg.Edible can be safely stored on its toughened glass shelves.Deforesting type is direct cooling. Its dimensions are 536mm*1191mm*604mm. The stabilizer free operation and it has 4-star energy rating and your electricity bills will be within your budget. It has 1 Year warranty on refrigerator.

  • Godrej Muziplay:

The glossy, metallic finish provides it an elegant look. It is a unique freezer is capable of delivering fast cooling. The semi-automatic defrosting technology prevents forming ice insides of the refrigerator. The capacity is huge and each toughened glass shelf can hold items weighing 120 kg. Its 5 star energy rating. The actual capacity is 185 liters. Its weight is 41 kg.Its dimensions are 576mm*1173mm*650mm.It has 1 year warranty.

  • LG GL-205KMG5:

LG GL-205KMG5LG GL-205KMG5 is a popular refrigerator model in India with best features and low cost. This model Capacity is 190 Litres. LG GL-205KMG5 is a Single Door Refrigerator and it has 5 Star Energy Rating. So you don’t have to worry about high electricity bill. LG GL-205KMG5 is Stabilizer Free Operation, Door Lock, Door Open Alarm etc. Its Dimensions are 537 x 634 x 1142 mm. It offers Warranty of 5 Years.

  • Whirlpool 180 Genius:

Whirlpool 180 Genius is a good capacity equipped famous refrigerator. It is the best option for your home. This model features 180 Litres capacity. Whirlpool 180 Genius is a Single Door Refrigerator type. It gets 5 Star Energy Rating for energy saving.  Whirlpool 180 Genius is Stabilizer Free Operation, Door Open Alarm etc. It has 1 Years warranty from Whirlpool.

  • Samsung RR2315TCA:

Samsung with Capacity of 218 Litres storage. This model is a Single type Door Refrigerator.  The Samsung RR2315TCAPX is electricity saving model with 5 Star Energy Rating. This model dimensions are 549 x 636.4 x 1521.8 mm. It offers Warranty of 1 Years.

  • Godrej GDE 19 DX4:

Godrej GDE 19 DX4 is a famous model with Capacity 183 Litres. The model described here is the Single Door Refrigerator. Godrej GDE 19 DX4 model features 5 Star energy rating for low electricity consumption. Godrej GDE 19 DX4 is Stabilizer Free Operation, Humidity Control, Door Lock etc. The dimensions are 576 x 650 x 1184 mm. It has Warranty of 5 Years.

  • Videocon VAP224:

Videocon VAP224 is a good model with Capacity of 215 Litres. It is a Single door refrigerator. It gets Direct Cool Defrosting technology. Power consumption of Videocon VAP224 is really low and with 4 Star Energy Rating.  Videocon VAP224 is Stabilizer Free Operation, Door Lock etc. It has Warranty of 1 Year.

  • Kelvinator KFL234WT:

Kelvinator KFL234WT with a Capacity of 225 Liters. It takes very less power on work and with the Energy Rating of 4 Star. Kelvinator KFL234WT is the Humidity Control, Door Lock etc. It supports good Dimensions. It has Warranty of 1 Years.

  • Samsung RR1915RCAVL:

Samsung RR1915RCAVL is one of the best refrigerator with Capacity of 180 Liters. This model saves power and with 5 Star Energy Rating. Samsung RR1915RCAVL features Door Lock. It dimensions are 549 x 636.4 x 1331.8 mm. It has Warranty of 1 Years.

  • Electrolux EBP205 GS:

Electrolux EBP205 GS is a low power consuming refrigerator. Its Capacity is 190 Liters. It has Energy Rating of 4 Star.  Its Dimensions are 524 x 650 x 1137 mm. It provides Warranty of 1 Year.

Great list of Fridges / Refrigerators below Rs 15000 with good ratings and reviews.Just choose the best one from this list based on the brand you prefer and buy it through online.



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