Best 6 Selfie Sticks to Buy in India Online 2017 for Selfie Lovers

Selfie Sticks to Buy in 2017

As you know that  Selfie is a trend now-a-days. Selfie is quite popular among Smartphone users and we will be able to see at least one selfie in social media mostly. In fact your day will not end without that selfie with your friends. We can’t deny that selfie and if you want to be at the top of that world then you definitely gonna need good selfie sticks. Here we have different selfie sticks available today. These are the best 6 selfie sticks you can buy in India online 2017.

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6 Top Selfie Sticks for Selfie Lovers in India 2017

Selfy Monopod Selfie Stick with AUX:

This one is for you as a result it comes with an AUX cable which might be connected to your 3.5 mm jack and you can take selfies without a Bluetooth remote. To take a selfies, you just simply attach the cable to your Smartphone and after; you switch-on the camera of your phone and press the button which is on the handle of the stick.  Selfie stick like this will make your job easier; a Bluetooth enabled stick has an advantage to take photos from greater distance and without shaking.

Photron SLF 200 Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote:

Photron SLF 200 selfie stick comes with a Bluetooth remote which can helps you to take a selfies on your Android and also iOS devices.  The stick contains a compact and light-weight style that creates it simple to handle and movable.

It has a well designed handle that provides you a firm grip. It has a extended length of 97 cm and folded length of 20 cm. Its loading capacity is 400-500 gm

Zook Bluetooth Selfie Stick with-in Built Bluetooth:

It has in-built Bluetooth remote control that helps you to snap a picture by simply pressing a button. There is no need to install any application in order to make this selfie stick work. Simply switch it on, take amazing pictures & then turn it off. This selfie pod has a ball head that allows you to adjust the angle of the camera while taking a pictures. The extended length of this selfie pod is 97 cm and folded length is 22 cm. The maximum weight load capacity is 500 grams.

Go Pro SJ4000:

Go Pro SJ4000 is a long hand-held selfie stick which is compatible with  iPhones, Samsung and other android smartphones etc. This selfie stick comes with an adjustable adapter which inserts with all smartphones having width less than 8.5 cm and with soft interior so we can avoid scratching your smartphone. You can use this selfie stick with your digital cam which is having 1/4 inch screws.It has a adjustable ball head & thumb screw of mono-pod locks for multiple wide angles to take a picture.This selfie stick is perfect for best selfie camera phone to take your selfie.

ENRG YUNTENG YT 188 Self-Portrait Monopod:

The ENRG YUNTENG YT 188 is not only a selfy stick but it is a Camera Extender Pole for DSLR. It is a small Metal Mirror at the further end of Extender will help you to use Main Camera of your Mobile and you can flip the mobile and instead of seeing in Mobile’s screen you can see in mirror. It can handle up to 6.3 inches screen. Its extended length is 125 cm and folded length is 42 cm.Its loading capacity is 2.5 kg.

Dispho Selfie Stick Monopod with Bluetooth & Zoom:

Dispho Selfie Stick Monopod with Bluetooth & Zoom is a premium level selfie stick with few extra features added with. This advanced selfie stick is formed from light weight carbon fiber with and a rechargeable battery built in. Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons is one of the unique and advanced features of this Bluetooth enabled selfie stick.

We have gathered the best list of selfie sticks in India which you can buy in 2017.May be you are using iPhone or Android smartphone ,it doesn’t matter.This Selfie stick works with every smartphone in the market.

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